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Pullman City Country Music Award 2002

With his former formations the founder of the band, Attila Orosz, achieved numerous successes in the country music world of Hungary and Europe. They enjoyed their most prominent achievement at the Pullman City Country Music Award in Germany. They were ranked first in 2004.

They play at clubs, pubs, festivals, various events (car, motorbike and horse shows) as well as corporate and private parties. They are regularly invited to American Rodeo Shows in Hungary as guests and also as musical hosts.

In their repertoire you can find Country evergreens and also the work of the most well-known New Country performers, however, they are happy to take a trip to the world of Blues and Rock & Roll as well. So, besides the fans of traditional Country music, the lovers of Country Rock and Line Dance, Traditional Country & Civil War & Irish Folk Song´s will also find their ‘cup of tea’.


                       TRIBUTE  TO  J O H N N Y   C A S H  (Vác-H) (Leányfalu-H)

                       DON WILLIAMS Night  (Leányfalu-H) (Krems/Stein-A)

                       LINEDANCE Night (CMF - Pullman City -D)  (Bad Großpertholz-A) (Donauinselfest-A)

                                                           (Tata-H)  (Greenhorn Hill-A) (Graz-A)

                       OLD TIME & CIVIL WAR  Music ( Ball der Uniformierten -D) (Schlossball-D)

                                                         (Civil War Weekend-D)   (Südstaatenball-D)              

                       IRISH & CELTIC  MUSIC ( Irish & Celtic Weekend -D)

                       GOSPEL (link)

                       COUNTRY CHRISTMAS

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 <> ’A good song from the 4 is all that you have been longing for!’

Don Attila - Don Attila Band

I started my musical studies in the primary school. My first instrument was a violin. Later I was the member of the Szent István Secondary School's Symphonical Orchestra. Meanwhile I got to know the clarinet, as well, and in the conservatory I took the entrance exam with this instrument. After finishing the Academy of Music I started working as a music teacher and besides I played in a wind-band.
I got in connection with country music in the early ' 80s. I was one of the founder members of the RODEO band, which won the contest for the best Old Timer and Bluegrass band in Austria in 1994. In 1995 I founded the "Blue Timers" band which was also very successful all around Europe. In 2002 I founded a new band again, called "Music Station No 3.", and only one month later we won second prize on Pullman City Music Award. We are extending our repertoire continuously so we can entertain our audience in a more varied way.
If I had more spare time I would play more music or try different kind of sports, but first of all I would spend more time with my family to whom I can thank everything.

Fery Moore  - Don Attila Band

Daddy Bear

E. Gitarre, A. Gitarre, Banjo, Vocal

Don Pety  - Don Attila Band

Hr. Strauss

 Bassgitarre, Kontrabass,Vocal


Don Carlos - Don Attila Band

Mr. Hammer


Josef - Long John - Don Attila Band

Long John

Fiddle, Vocal 




* Austrian King of Country Music II.Platz /A/
* Pullman City I-II /D/ 2002 2003 2004
* Indian Dreams /A/
* Old West Saloon /A/
* Longhorn Saloon /A/Thropy
* Longford /H/
* Henry J. Bean`s /H/
* CWF Haag
* El Paso
* Oklahoma Saloon München,
* No Name City Wöllersdorf / A /
* Country Music Messe Berlin <link>
* Harley Davidson Találkozó 2003 és 2005 - Alsóörs
* Country Music Festival Bad Ischl 2003 Fesztivál <link>
* The Winner of Longhorn TROPHY 2005.
* Canada Day 2005 Nagykövetségi Üdvözlet <link>
* Press Sajtó megjelenés Pullman City 2004 <link>
* Rolling Rock Feneketlen tó
* Rolling Rock Óbuda
* Henrix City <link>
* Footloose Linedance Club
* Rodeo Ranch
* Cafe Rodin <link>
* Club der Waldviertler Träumer <link>
* Donauinselfest 2014
* Countryfest Großpertholz <link>
* Country Music Festival - Pullman City 2015


Pullman City Country Music Award 2002
Pullman City Country Music Award 2002

A little hidden town in Germany - looking like a tiny bit of the Wild West - gave home the Country Music Award this year, too. For most of the groups it`s important to be judged in front of an expert audience and a professional jury. That was the motivation for us, as well. We couldn`t have real expectations, as our group was formed only a month before, but we set the aim to present our new formation. The group entered for the cathegory "trio", in which there were ten other groups.

We competed with a program built on an imagined journey that starts from the home of country music and finishes at our country. Stopping at the main stations familiar melodies could be heard.

We were hardly beginning playing, people were applausing already. That`s the best audience a group could dream about. The applause caused enthusiasm drove on the way our imaginary musical train, giving us - and hopefully our listeners, as well - 30 unforgettable minutes. After an introducement like this it started to look like a hopeful evening, but we haven`t dreamt about being placed second. Only one thing made us even happier over professional appreciation, the support of the audience who gave us an expressive sign of success, a word we still remember : ZUGABE! ZUGABE! ZUGABE!
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